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Heaven42 – The Rhythm Of Love


Saturday Night
Angels Of The Night
Against The Odds

Heaven42 is an upcoming “new generation disco” Russian duet consisting of Irina and Alexander Bez. Their music is inspired by such famous acts from the 80s as Modern Talking, Mauro Farina, Giorgio Moroder, Bobby Orlando. Their new album “The Rhythm Of Love” is full of 80s melancholy and flashbacks. Some of their tracks sound pure 80s, like they were produced at the time. It is a must have for every fan of 80s dance pop and synth music.

1. Saturday Night 5:59
2. Sinner 6:10
3. Give Me Your Love 6:17
4. Lost In Your Heart 3:52
5. Angels Of The Night 4:23
6. You And Me 3:10
7. Just Tonight (SYNTHYA REMIX) 3:46
8. Against The Odds 4:26
9. Midnight Train 4:04
10. I Miss Your Touch 3:42
11. Runaway 4:28
12. Strong To Fight 6:17
13. Dancing And Moving 5:06