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Estimado – Escape To Heaven

Estimado – Escape To Heaven

Label: Analog Language

Release date: 12.06.2017

Catalog number: AL19

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Dancing On My Own
Believe In Me
I Can Feel It
Goodbye My Angels Night

Estimado is a Russian artist living in Chelyabinsk. A few years ago his deep devotion to 80s italo and euro dance music led him to the studio. He started to compose his own instrumental and later vocal tracks. He posted some of his tunes on youtube and suddenly he became very popular among italo disco fans. After receiving more and more positive feedback from listeners, Estimado sent his material to some labels. In 2015 he released his first album digitally to follow up in 2016 on CD under wings of ZYX. This year we welcome Estimado to Analog Language. His new material recalls such 80s famous acts as Modern Talking, Mozzart, Grant Miller, Gazebo, Savage or Jimmy McFoy. Catchy melodies, good vocals and well balanced arrangements will make you feel time travel. A must have for every fan of new generation italo movement.


  1. I’m Dancing On My Own 5:19
  2. Faster 7:08
  3. Believe In Me 7:45
  4. I Want You Heaven 6:48
  5. One Time 6:15
  6. Tonight feat. Valerio 5:57
  7. I Can Feel It 6:55
  8. I Miss You feat. Valerio 5:57
  9. Let Me Escape 5:32
  10. Goodbye My Angels Night 7:20
  11. I’m Dancing On My Own (INSTRUMENTAL) 5:18
  12. Faster (INSTRUMENTAL) 6:34